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The ultimate guide to visit Einbeck

The ultimate guide to visit Einbeck

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Located in southern Lower Saxony, Germany Northeim. Einbeck is known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses and beautiful gardens, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the German countryside. Whether you are into history, nature, or food, Einbeck has you covered. We are going to guide you through the hot spots of this charming fairy-tale town.

PS.Speicher Museum

1. PS.Speicher Museum

PS. Speicher Museum is a museum full of vintage cars and bikes. It's like time travel but cooler. The interactive exhibits are a blast, and you'll get a unique look at how mobility has shaped our world. Take your time to see all of the 1,200 classic motorcycles, 630 cars of all sizes, 200 trucks and buses, a collection of electric vehicles, and another of Lanz Bulldog tractors.
Opening Times: Usually, it's open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Charges: There's an entry fee, (EUR 19) but it's worth every cent for the journey through time you'll experience.

2. Einbeck Beer Experience

Because, well, beer. It's practically a cultural tour, right? After all, the town gave its name to the bock beer! The Einbeck Beer Experience (Einbecker Brauhaus ) offers tours that take you through the brewing process, filled with interesting anecdotes and, of course, beer tasting.

Opening Times: Tours are typically available on weekends, but booking in advance is recommended.

Charges: EUR15.00 p.P. / including canapés and beer

3. Old Town Exploration

Take a stroll through Einbeck's Old Town, and you'll feel like you've walked onto a movie set. The beautifully preserved half-timbered houses, some dating back to the 16th century, are simply stunning. Don't miss the Market Square (Marktplatz) and the Town Hall (Rathaus) for some great photo ops.

Opening Times: Open air, baby, so it's always open!

Charges: Free, unless you're tempted by the shops and cafes along the way.

4. Eicke's House (Eickesches Haus)

For a deep dive into Einbeck's history, Eicke's House is a must-visit. It's like school, but you actually want to be there. This 16th-century building is a prime example of the town's architectural heritage and offers a glimpse into the lives of its past inhabitants. The owner of the building decided to spice things up by adding a series of 42 panels to two of the building's facades.

These panels are a feast for the eyes, showcasing a collection of late Renaissance wood carvings that include a wide array of subjects. You'll find carvings of the gods of the planets, the seven liberal arts, various virtues, the Muses, the five senses, as well as depictions of Jesus Christ and the four evangelists. The five senses are creatively represented by female figures, each symbolizing sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Additionally, there are carvings of the planet gods (Moon, Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars) and the seven liberal arts (Grammar, Music, Arithmetic, Rhetoric, Geometry, and Dialectic), along with the Muses associated with different aspects of art and science like Happiness, Lyric Poetry, Singing, Mime, History, and Dance.

On a closer look, you can also spot representations of the four Apostles (St. Matthew, St. Paulus, St. Matthias, St. Andrew) along with Christ and the four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

Opening Times and Charges: This can vary, so check locally for the most current info.

5. City Wall and Towers

For the adventurers and romantics, the remnants of Einbeck's medieval city wall and its towers are worth exploring. Walking along these ancient defenses gives a sense of the town's historical importance and offers some beautiful views.

Opening Times: Always accessible.

Charges: Free of charge.

6. St. Alexander Church

This stunning church is not just a place of worship but a piece of art. The Gothic architecture and the peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect spot for some quiet reflection.

Opening Times: Usually open daily, but hours can vary, especially if there are services or events.

Charges: Free, but donations are always appreciated.

Tips for Your Visit:

Local Cuisine: Make sure to try some local specialties in the cafes and restaurants. The hearty German fare will keep you fueled for your explorations.

Walking Shoes: There's a lot of cobblestone in Einbeck, so comfy footwear is a must.

Local Events: Check out if there are any festivals or markets happening during your visit. Einbeck knows how to throw a party!

Remember, these are just a few highlights. Einbeck is a town best experienced at your own pace, discovering hidden gems around every corner. Whether you're here for the history, the beer, or the architecture, you're sure to leave with memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy your trip!

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