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5 things you can't miss in Wolfenbüttel

5 things you can't miss in Wolfenbüttel


If you're planning a trip to Wolfenbüttel, you're in for a treat, and not just because it's easier to drink a Jägermeister here than to pronounce the name of the town! Let's dive into the 5 must-visit spots in this charming German gem, full of history and cozy vibes.

1. Herzog August Bibliothek (Duke August Library)

First up, book warms, prepare to swoon at the Herzog August Bibliothek. This isn't your average library; it's more like a treasure trove from a fantasy novel. Housing a collection that dates back centuries, including the famous Gospels of Henry the Lion, this spot is a dream. Just remember to keep your "oohs" and "aahs" to a whisper.

Opening time: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm

Lending desk (1st floor)

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 2 to 4 pm

Admission: Free of charge for the main exhibitions but some special exhibitions might ask for a small fee.

2. Wolfenbüttel Castle

Germany has some amazing castles and the Wolfenbüttel Castle is no exception. Imagine walking through the corridors where dukes once roamed, minus the medieval drama. It's like stepping into a history book, but with fewer wars and more architectural awe. Who doesn't want to feel like royalty for a day?

Opening time: From 10 AM to 6 PM every day. Close on Mondays.

Admission: 3.5 € for adults, 1 € for young people, and free for children until 12 years old.

3. Klein Venedig (Little Venice)

Yes, you read that right. Wolfenbüttel has its own Little Venice, and it's as charming as it sounds. Picture quaint houses reflected in the calm waters, all without the Italian tourist hordes. It's free to wander through this picturesque area, and it's perfect for those "wish you were here" selfies. No opening times here, because beauty like this doesn't close down. Just be respectful of the residents who are lucky enough to call this postcard scene home.

Experience it. Don't just look.

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4. Jägermeister Factory Tour

For those who enjoy a bit of spirit(s) in their travels, the Jägermeister Factory Tour is a must. Discover the secret behind the 56 herbs that go into every bottle. The tours are insightful and, of course, end with a tasting. You need to book in advance, and there's a fee involved, but hey, it's Jägermeister – it's practically a cultural experience in Wolfenbüttel! Plus, you get to brag about it to your friends.

5. Local Breweries and Cafes

After all that walking and exploring, you'll need to refuel. Wolfenbüttel is dotted with cozy cafes and local breweries that offer a taste of the region. Whether it's savoring a locally brewed beer or indulging in some German pastries, make sure to treat yourself. Prices vary, but the experience of relaxing in a quaint German town? Priceless.

So there you have it, a local's guide to Wolfenbüttel that's sure to make your visit as enjoyable as trying to spell "Schloss Wolfenbüttel" after a Jägermeister or two. Just remember, while the town might seem straight out of a fairy tale, the joy and memories you'll make here are very much real. Enjoy your trip, and don't forget to bring back a bottle (or five) of Jägermeister as a souvenir!

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