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Best 5 destinations to visit in 2023

Best 5 destinations to visit in 2023


The summer is near and you must have had for sure begun to think about your next destination. That’s why, we prepared a detailed, well studied list of the best 5 destinations you can visit in 2023!

Paris, France:

“Bonjour… Un croissant s’il vous plaît”

You must have dreamed, like many of us, of stepping in the streets of Paris, choosing a pastry shop and ordering a “croissant” from your choice while training your french accent and throwing a tiny smile at the vendor.

Paris, with its historical, artistic and charming vibes seems almost like a fantasy for all of us, but visiting it is absolutely a possibility!

France has actually multiple accommodation and dining options for all budgets!

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Paris is an international destination fitting all tastes and whims: Whether you want to take a walk in “les Champs Elysées” and then take a look at the ancient “Arc de triomphe” or spend the day at the “Louvre” then rest at the wet grass in front of the “Tour Eiffel”, the city of lights always got you!

Our advice would be to book your accommodation early in the summer, look for apartment rentals, and spend not less than 2 weeks in this rich destination!

2. Kerry, Ireland:

Classified 3rd by “Forbes Bucket List Travel”, Kerry is an incredible scenic destination for those looking for a nature escape and gasps of fresh air.

Known for its mountains, never ending blue lakes and tiny coloured towns, this region can be the perfect escape from London’s vibe and an absolute opportunity to refresh.

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You can visit “Killarney National park”, hike to “brey head” and kayak the” killarney lakes”!! As surprising as it may sound, this paradisiac destination has also a reputation for its quirky towns with populations not exceeding 500 and absolutely interesting traditions! Kerry therefore is a region that can welcome all tourists: couples, adventure seekers, families…!

Budget wise, this city has much to offer with guided tours varying between 35$-65$ and cheap accommodation in authentic places with charming views!

3. Manhattan, New York

Located in the most densely populated city in the US, Manhattan is a complete change of scenery compared to our other suggestions. Known as the destination for “bad coffee and good pizza” , Manhattan is most known for its “times square”, “central park” and multiple observatories and museums. At all times, and by that I mean even at 3am, you will get to experience walking in vibrant streets, hear all languages and especially see all kinds of fashion styles!!

The individualism culture and urbain scenery will allow you a futuristic trip and a dive into your own personality as well. Think about it: getting your morning matcha latte at “korea town” and then heading to “the museum of modern art” to finally end up with a walk at the “brooklyn bridge”, a day will be a journey in itself!

Manhattan definitely has a lot to offer: diversity, food, sights… You just need to embrace its nature and dive in!

Despite its quite expensive accommodation options and its distance europe, this destination remains a must see and a definite add to your travel bucket list!

4. Rome, Italy

Rich with history, succulent food and “gelato”, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever get to visit! This destination will reverse your mood with its vibrant happy streets, never ending chants and warm cozy weather. Lots of tourists who visited this city fell in love, they described it as : “a spontaneous and cheerful welcoming town”. Don’t let this description fool you though, Rome is actually a major city with more than 2.8 million residents. With a diversity of attractions ranging from the antique “Colosseum” to “Villa Adriana”, you can easily get lost in this picturesque city! You can choose to go sightseeing by bike, take a walk in some of the tiny alleys or go on day tours available all over the agencies there! Having a 3 course Pasta menu at lunch, and a giant slice of pizza at dinner with an espresso as dessert, you will definitely gain kilos at the end of this trip!

With room average prices ranging in the 100$ and touristic attractions having paying entries mostly, you will have to save a bit on the transportation side and minimize your shopping to get a full experience. Believe us, Rome is absolutely worth it!

5. Santorini, Greece:

white and blue houses, Turquoise water, cocktails, local dishes and a brilliant sun….

This is what your Greek vacation will be like! Santorini will offer you the moments of calm and happiness you’ve always longed for. With its unique architecture and easing pure color, This 2-towns city will offer you an eyes’ relaxation experience and a total resting moment.

The options are infinite: You can rent a car, go on a hike, visit the volcano that formed this one-of-kind island, or simply rest all day, all week in your resort, sipping your drink and enjoying the views!

Depending on your budget, you can get multiple accommodation options, (some of them have private pools and even limited entry beaches!) and enjoy your stay by dining at the hotel’s restaurant or at a local one!

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