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Bilbao: The City of the Guggenheim and Beyond

Bilbao: The City of the Guggenheim and Beyond


Nestled in the Basque Country of northern Spain, Bilbao is often referred to as "The City of the Guggenheim." Since the museum's inception in 1997, Bilbao has been transformed, becoming an international symbol of modernity and architectural innovation. The city boasts ground-breaking structures by world-renowned architects, blending avant-garde design with the charm of its historic old town. This unique fusion has cemented Bilbao's place on the list of Spain’s most fascinating cities.

A Walk Full of Contrasts

Begin your exploration of Bilbao with the iconic Guggenheim Museum, an architectural marvel of the 20th century. Designed by Frank Gehry, the museum's flowing curves are clad in 33,000 ultra-thin titanium plates. Inside, it houses one of the world's most significant collections of modern and contemporary art, sharing this prestigious honour with its sister museums in New York and Venice. For art enthusiasts, Bilbao also offers the Museum of Fine Arts, one of Spain’s finest galleries.

Bilbao’s commitment to innovative design extends beyond the Guggenheim. The cityscape features the Euskalduna Conference Centre, Norman Foster’s sleek metro stations, the Isozaki and Pelli towers, the Zubizuri bridge by Calatrava, and cultural centers like La Alhóndiga by Philippe Starck, repurposed from an old wine cellar.

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Yet, Bilbao's charm also lies in its historic old town, with over 700 years of history. Wander through the famous "Seven Streets" to discover the Cathedral, the elegant Arriaga Theatre inspired by the Paris Opera House, and a variety of shops and cafes that range from traditional to trendy.

Culinary Delights and Green Spaces

Bilbao is a gastronomic paradise, reflective of the Basque Country’s rich culinary heritage. The region boasts one of the highest concentrations of Michelin stars per capita in the world. In Plaza Nueva and its surrounding streets, bustling bars serve pintxos—small, delectable bites that showcase the local passion for food. Food enthusiasts will revel in the vibrant atmosphere of these bars, family-run restaurants, and establishments helmed by prestigious chefs. A visit to La Ribera Market is a must, where you can have fresh products cooked to order or sample pintxos and Txakoli wine while enjoying live music.

In addition to its culinary scene, Bilbao is a green city, dotted with parks like Doña Casilda de Iturrizar and surrounded by scenic hills. For a breath-taking view of the city, take a ride on the Artxanda cable car. The estuary, another symbol of Bilbao's regeneration, offers opportunities for paddle surfing or a boat trip to the historic Hanging Bridge of Portugalete, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beaches and Cliffs

If you’re seeking a coastal escape, the beaches and dramatic cliffs of Getxo are just a 30-minute metro ride away, providing a perfect day trip from the city. This coastal area provides a picturesque retreat from the urban hustle, with stunning views and refreshing ocean breezes.

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Bilbao is a city of contrasts and harmony, where modern architecture meets ancient streets, and culinary excellence thrives alongside lush green spaces. Whether you’re an art lover, a foodie, or an adventurer, Bilbao offers a captivating blend of experiences that make it one of Spain’s most intriguing destinations.

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