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How does work... and how do we make money?

How does work... and how do we make money?


If you have read my previous blog about how we started you already know everything about our history: from a group of students passionate about traveling to creating a travel platform used by millions.

Still, we haven't yet told you how works! So let´s clear that one up… and at the same time tell you how we make… and lose money!

The flights
Starting with how works: you may have noticed that our offering is quite big: From rail operators in Italy to small airlines in Asia, we need to have as many routes and options as possible. To offer this type of content our operations team first contacts airlines, operators, or distributors. And this can go two ways:

  1. We negotiate the distribution of their tickets and connect our systems to theirs. On average it takes 2- 4 weeks to onboard a new provider. Many times we agree on a commission to distribute tickets. That means we sell the ticket at the same price as they do, but they are paying us a bit for every sale.
  2. Some companies are a bit more “old school” and not so welcoming to creating partnerships. In that case, robots may be needed to buy tickets. That´s a pain and requires more development time, but we will do everything to find you the best deals.

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Because traveling is a super competitive industry, there is very little money to make out of transportation. Many times, we end up losing on selling it, just to have great prices and make everything as affordable as possible. But don´t worry, our lovely investors have us backed, as well as the Danish holiday fund.

Other stuff: accommodation and extras

In regards to accommodation, hotels are more friendly towards making agreements. There the commissions are much better, so if you buy accommodation with us you are awesome!

Last, things like protections, attractions, and extras can also be revenue sources and as with the other things we also get small commissions on your purchases.

The trip-creation machine

With this out of the way, it´s time to create trips. As our engine is connected with all of these partners and companies, we know everything about pricing, availability, and route possibilities. Our AI then starts working, combining different tickets with the goal of creating great trips for you. Once you buy a certain trip, we send purchase orders automatically to the different providers, or the robots kick in and do their work. Because automation is really important to us, and we love to make your life easier, we also send you the boarding passes via email.
The whole operation is complex and expensive. Weekly, we spend a lot on servers and tech to make sure our machines run non-stop and fast to serve you with the best trips!

Behind all of this operation, we also have our awesome support team. There, we take priority in giving users the best travel experience.

The why

Ok. All of this sounds complicated. Why the effort to connect with all of these different operators and build this complex trip-creating engine, you are probably asking?

As you may have seen my by our stories, we love to travel: just check our founder´s Inês and Tiago trip here or the story of how started as a company here!

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We love traveling, but we hate planning trips! Not only it’s stressfull and time consuming and you always got the feeling there is something missing. That´s why we created our AI - to hunt down for all the good deals we and you would be probably missing otherwise.

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