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What is slow travel and why you should do it

What is slow travel and why you should do it


Are you the type of traveler that tries to squeeze every attraction in one day, and are you always on the go? When you finish your vacation, do you feel you need to have a vacation from your vacation?

Maybe you should rethink the way you travel. You should slow down and really be present at the moment. That’s called slow travel.

Slow travel encourages a more deliberate and immersive approach to exploring the world, prioritizing depth over quantity and fostering a deeper connection with the places we visit. We will take the less busy road and encourage you to do the same.

We are going to present to you what is slow travel, how to adapt to this lifestyle, and why it can be a transformative experience for travelers.

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Get acquitted with Slow Travel

Slow travel is a mindset and a philosophy that encourages travelers to adopt a more relaxed and unhurried approach to their journeys. Rather than rushing and through multiple destinations within a short time, slow travel emphasizes taking your time to spend an extended period in one place, immersing yourself in the local culture, and embracing a slower pace of exploration.

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How to Embrace the Slow Travel Mindset

Sounds like something you would like to do it? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind on your next trip.

a. Choose Fewer Destinations: Travel less for more almost becomes a literal mantra. Instead of trying to cram in as many places as possible, select a limited number of destinations for your trip. This allows you to truly experience the essence of each place. Also, keep in mind that it's impossible to experience EVERYTHING during one trip so avoid a long list of must-sees and let yourself be surprised by the city’s charm.

Experience it. Don't just look.

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b. Extended Stays: It’s hard to get really to know a city in short stays. Opt for longer stays at each destination, giving yourself ample time to delve deeper into the local culture, connect with locals, and establish a sense of familiarity and discover the city’s hidden gems.

c. Embrace Local Routines: Slow travel encourages travelers to immerse themselves in the local way of life. Explore local markets, cafes, and neighborhoods, and embrace the daily rhythm of the destination. It is really a good opportunity to go with the flow instead of having a schedule to meet.

d. Sustainable Transportation: Consider using more sustainable modes of transportation, such as trains or buses, which allow you to appreciate the landscapes and minimize your environmental impact. For more information about sustainable travel, check here.

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Benefits of Slow Travel

If you’re not convinced about this alternative of travel, here are some arguments that will change your mind.

a. Authentic Experiences: Slow travel allows you to connect with locals, understand their way of life, and experience a destination beyond its tourist façade. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for the local culture, traditions, and cuisine.

b. Meaningful Connections: By spending more time in one place, you have the opportunity to build genuine connections with locals and fellow travelers, fostering meaningful relationships and creating lasting memories.

c. Reduced Stress and Increased Well-being: Slow travel offers a respite from the frantic pace of modern life. It provides an opportunity to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate, contributing to your overall well-being. After your vacations, you will actually feel that you have rested and be more productive than ever moving forward!

d. Environmental Sustainability: By opting for longer stays and sustainable modes of transportation, slow travel minimizes your carbon footprint and promotes sustainable tourism practices. Slower travels, happier planet!

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‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎In a world obsessed with speed and instant gratification, slow travel presents a compelling alternative. It encourages us to savor the journey rather than racing to the destination, fostering a deeper connection with the places we visit and the people we encounter along the way. By embracing the slow travel mindset, you can embark on a transformative travel experience that offers authenticity, meaning, and a renewed sense of appreciation for the world around us. So, why not invite your travel buddies, immerse yourselves in local cultures, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of slow travel?

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