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10 Hidden gems that you can’t miss in Milan. Activities, attractions, food, and drink to enjoy Milan like a pro.

10 Hidden gems that you can’t miss in Milan. Activities, attractions, food, and drink to enjoy Milan like a pro.


Have you ever thought of going to Milan? Or what you can do to enjoy the full Milan experience? Well, I know exactly how to satisfy that curiosity. So how about I tell you about these 10 hidden gems that I highly recommend visiting in Milan? So sit back and enjoy reading about these 10 lovely hidden gems in the heart of Milan.

Tourist attractions

Orto Botanico di Brera

This a must-see hidden gem for anybody with a love for nature and beauty. Orto Botanico is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe. It is home to a wide selection of different plants including rare and exotic plants from around the world.

The garden has other special sections to explore like the rose garden walking through there makes you feel like you are in a magical place filled with beautiful colors and the lovely sound of birds.

As you walk around look out for the telephone tubes if you have another person standing on the other side of the phone tube and you can hear each other through them. This spot provides a peaceful atmosphere with an educational space to discover and learn about different plants so if you want to escape from the busy and chaotic streets of Milan make sure to stop here.

Address: Via Brera, 28, 20121 Milan

Prices: Free

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Sunday Closed

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Duomo Di Milano Rooftop Terrace

Also known as the Milan cathedral is a prestigious landmark that every tourist should come see. With such a rich history and heritage it's a very symbolic landmark for Milan. The architecture is a unique beauty to every traveler's eye, but wait until you get a rooftop that makes this experience unforgettable.

Once you are up on the rooftop it's a whole different dimension. You’ll see the beautiful architecture up close and see the spires, statues, and other features of the cathedral's roof. The rooftop has such breathtaking views overlooking the city of Milan so don't leave without taking some nice photos.

It’s a good idea to go on foot and walk up to the rooftop makes it more of an adventure of its own or wait in line for the lift. Overall it's a memorable experience that nobody should skip its a must to see this beautiful gem and try going on Sunday so you can observe a mass.

Address: del Duomo, 20122 Milan

Prices: Duomo Stairs Pass starts at €15 but there are different passes and prices.

Here is the website Duomo di Milano – Online Tickets (

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 9 am - 7 pm

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Galleria Vittoria Emmanuele II

Probably one of the oldest shopping malls with stunning architecture named after the first King of Italy Victor Emmanuele II. It’s a must for any visitor to see. The luxurious shops and architecture draw anybody to go into this spot with its fascinating high glass ceiling and decorations of mosaic images it's just breathtaking. They have very high-end shops and luxury brands to shop for or just look around. It is every shopaholic's dream destination.

After tirelessly walking around or shopping like crazy check out the historic Camparino bar where you can sip some famous Campari aperitif. Also, you can't miss out on the ongoing tradition of the Torino mosaic on the floor. There's a legend that says if you spin around three times with your heel on the “particular part” of the bull between its legs it will bring you good luck. So try it out!

Address: del Duomo, 20123 Milan

Prices: Free

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Restaurants and bars

II Brutto Anatroccolo

If you’re looking for a nice break from the chaotic atmosphere of the city this is a good spot to sit down and eat some traditional Italian cuisine with a twist. The dishes are prepared beautifully, using high-quality ingredients which makes the culinary experience memorable.

I would suggest getting the Carbonara or Colleta they are to die for and pairing it with a tiramisu you got yourself heaven. Remember to order your dessert beforehand it might go out quickly. This hidden gem is a must for a friendly traditional Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

With that being said, do not expect any kind of luxury on this spot, but the feeling of being in the back Italian mum’s kitchen.

Address: Via Evangelista Torricelli, 3, 20136 Milan

Prices: €3 - €10

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 12 - 3 pm & 9 pm-1 am, Saturday only 9 pm-1 am

Balera dell’Ortica

A spot to enjoy some authentic classic Italian cuisine and possibly hit the dancefloor. It has a combination of a bar, dance hall, and restaurant so no need to scout the city for all three when you have them all in one spot. At the restaurant, they provide the best Italian flavors with some homemade pasta, grilled meats, some fresh seafood, and a selection of vegetarian dishes. I recommend the arrosticini or polpete you can taste all the Italian flavors with every bite. What's that you hear? Yes, live music so get on up to the dancefloor and dance like a goofball or play a game of bocce with the locals. All in all this place is a perfect night out with a fun vibrant atmosphere that everyone of all ages should enjoy and experience.

Address: Via Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, 78, 20134 Milan

Opening Hours: Tue to Sat 7 pm - 12am

Vinoir and Vinello

Ever thought about what would be a good pair of wines with your Italian dish? Well head down to the “wine shop laboratory” best known as Vinoir and Vinello they can be an inspiration. With such a wide selection of Italian wines to choose from and offering small dishes to pair well with the wine is just amazing. It is located in the heart of Milan so it should be easily accessible and to enjoy. Bring your behind down to this hidden gem and get an educational experience with some traditional Italian cuisines paired with the most flavorful Italian wines.

Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 93b, 20143 Milano

Prices: Price range of €15

Opening Hours: Mon to Tue 5 pm - 12 am & Wed to Sat 11 am - 3 pm, 5 pm - 12am

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Bosco Verticale

In the heart of Milan sits this gem Bosco Verticale. The architecture is such a sight to see with both buildings covered in greenery making it look like a forest. Such a modern extravagant interior gives it a flourishing look that compliments the architecture of the building.

Bosco Verticale offers homemade dishes with an incredible taste like beef tartare or the tiramisu of pistachio that just satisfy all your taste buds. Remember to order homemade bread which is a must with your food. Bosco Verticale is a great place for anybody who wants to eat homemade delicious food and overlook elegant surroundings.

Address: Via Federico Confalonieri, 15, 20124 Milan

Prices: €10 - €20

Opening Hours: Mon to Wed 12:00 - 2:30 pm, 7 - 10 pm

Thursday 7 - 10 pm

Friday 12 - 2:30 pm, 7 - 10:30 pm

Saturday 7 - 10:30 pm

Sunday 12 - 3 pm, 7 - 10 pm

Gelateria Paganelli

An ice cream shop loved by the locals and visitors equally, it has been in business for over a century and is a spot you can’t miss out on. Offering different flavors of gelato with a blend of exotic spices paired with original flavors. It can satisfy anybody with a sweet tooth. With traditional Italian flavors like hazelnut, stracciatella, pistachio, etc. they also have funky pairing, try the pistachio con peperoncini. I know it sounds like quite a mix of flavors but you can't miss out on this combination. It really is a must. They also offer desserts and cakes and cookies if you want to grub on a mid-day snack. If your going in the summer to cool down or want to try some delicious gelato Gelateria will hit just the spot for that sweet tooth of yours.

Address: Via Gustavo Fara, 14, 20114 Milan

Prices: €2 - €24

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10:30 am - 7:30 pm & Sat 9 am - 8 pm

Sunday Closed

Rita & Cocktails

Imagine getting everything you dream of mixed up in a glass. Sounds nice! Right? Well, Rita can do just that with a selection of wines, beers, spirits, and those amazing creative cocktails paired with some finger-licking snacks and appetizers. Well sounds like they just added the cherry on top.

They have a lively atmosphere with live music or maybe a DJ playing in the background which adds a groovy vibe to the place. Good spot to bring your friends and enjoy the creative selection of drinks Rita has to offer. Remember sit-in in front of the bar its a lot of fun seeing the bartender making drinks.

Address: Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1, 20143 Milan

Prices: €9 - €15

Opening hours: Mon to Tue 5:30 pm - 2 am Sunday Closed

Dirty Mondays

Looking for a nice night out in the city of Milan on a Monday then this gem is your go-to spot. It is located in the Porta Ticinese district of Milan. This is a spot for anybody wanting to experience what a rock party is all about and I am sure you will get the most fun and craziest experience here. Having such a lively energetic atmosphere with a rock n roll scene, get ready to rock out to some classics such as Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many more.

Address: Piazza Armando Diaz, 1, 20123 Milan


Opening Hours: Monday 11 pm - 4 am

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Well, travelers there you have 10 lovely hidden gems in the entertainment capital Milan. So what are you waiting for get up off that couch and let's take a lovely trip to Milan and get the lifetime experience you deserve.

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