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Multi-destination travel advantages

Multi-destination travel advantages


Multi-destination travel is a new exciting trend and it for sure has tons of benefits for you to discover. Visiting more than a city or country at once can turn your trip to be more enjoyable, efficient, thrilling and especially more budget friendly.

Here are 6 reasons why multi-destination travel is just wonderful!

(Especially when done with ;) )

1-You have access to more sights, often at a lower price!!

Saving for a trip is always an exciting experience, but putting that money in good value is a one of a kind victory!

In one trip, for example, departing from Porto, you will get to visit the amazing modern city of Oslo for 5 days, tour the colorful historical Helsinki for 6 days and end with a day in Tallinn relaxing on the beach just for 310€ (700€ with accommodation) !!

2-You take every possible cheap flight opportunity available!

Traveling multi-destination will allow you more flexibility and therefore efficiency in your planning and spendings. You will get to save on transportation fares especially with our AI based search engine that will allow you to target the cheapest options at the right timings.

3- Simply because you can visit more amazing places

There are 192 countries out there, and each one has its own wonders and unique atmosphere. With no doubt, each one of us would love to visit most, if not all of them one day, and multi-destination travel is the only way that can get us closer to this dream!

4- Absolutly time efficient:

Let’s suppose you have 10 days of possible work leave this year. You wish to travel to Paris, although Italy is an urgent component of your bucket list too..

Allowing yourself to think of having a multi destination trip will dismiss you from the confusion and frustration of having to choose just one country, or city.

Your 10 days vacation can look as follow with our package:

5- Underrated, but more Instagram content!

Thanks to the same previous package, your friends and family will be astonished by your daily content: They will see you on Monday by the “Seine”, tasting mouth watering gelato on Tuesday and by the Eiffel Tour on Wednesday!!

Your camera roll will be full of fun, unique and diverse sceneries and you will be back with many memories to talk about!

6-Easy escapades and more authentic encounters:

Traveling to multiple destinations is known for one feature: short national flights!

Not only are these a relief from never-ending long haul trips but also one of the best ways to get in touch with more locals through affordable methods!!

You will get to see local families going on holidays with their own ways of traveling, discover the “real” local snacks and probably even make some friends in the boarding room!!

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