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Unveiling Catalonia's Special Traditions and Costumes

Unveiling Catalonia's Special Traditions and Costumes


Catalonia, a vibrant region in northeastern Spain, boasts a rich cultural tapestry woven with unique traditions and colourful costumes. From fire-breathing festivals to towering human castles, Catalonia offers a glimpse into a world where history meets spectacle. Let's delve into some of the most fascinating aspects of Catalan celebrations and the attire that complements them.

human towers

Taking Centre Stage: Giants, Devils, and Human Towers

  • Gegants i Capgrossos (Giants and Big-Heads): Imagine a lively parade with enormous papier-mâché figures dancing to the rhythm of music. These are the Gegants and Capgrossos, giant figures and caricatured heads, that are a staple at Catalan festivals. People inside the figures animate them, creating a whimsical and interactive atmosphere. When visiting Barcelona, you will likely encounter giants and "capgrossos" during the La Mercè festival, the city's patron saint celebration held at the end of September. In my experience, no major holiday or celebration in Barcelona is complete without these iconic figures.
  • Correfocs (Fire Runs): Also happening during the La Mercè festival you can find the Correfocs. Here, participants dressed as devils and demons run through the streets amidst a shower of sparks and fireworks, creating a fiery spectacle. The "diables" carry various types of firework launchers, including revolving carretilles, vertical francesos, fixed sortidors, and cartridges, which they ignite as they proceed. Spectators engage in a sort of tug-of-war with them, chasing, dodging, and seeking shelter from the fireworks
  • Castells (Human Towers): Catalonia's claim to fame, Castells, are human towers that can reach up to ten stories high. Teams, called "colles castellers," work in perfect harmony to build these impressive structures. The costumes for Castellers are simple and practical, allowing for maximum agility and teamwork. The main “castells” season is from April to October but you can find them all year round depending on festival dates. You can check dates here .

stick dance

Costumes that Reflect Tradition

  • Ball de Bastons (Stick Dance): This traditional folk dance features dancers dressed in white with red sashes, clashing wooden sticks in a rhythmic pattern. Their attire reflects a sense of unity and focus required for the coordinated performance.
  • La Patum de Berga: This boisterous festival in Berga features a variety of characters, each with distinct costumes. From the awe-inspiring "Àguiles" (eagles) with their towering wings to the mythical "Tabalers" (drummers) with their elaborate robes, the costumes add to the drama and energy of the celebration. (29 May 2024 - 02 Jun 2024 )

Beyond the Costumes: Special Days and Traditions

  • Sant Jordi's Day (St. George's Day): Celebrated on April 23rd, Sant Jordi's Day is a romantic and cultural extravaganza. Men traditionally give women a rose, and women reciprocate with a book. The streets transform into a sea of red and white, reflecting the colours of roses and books.
  • Caganer: A unique Christmas tradition involves placing a figurine depicting a "Caganer" (the defecator) in nativity scenes. Traditionally the caganer is a figure wearing a barretina who is crouching down, smoking a pipe or a cigar and, sometimes, reading a newspaper. Occasionally there is a piglet curiously sniffing around behind him. This quirky addition is believed to symbolise good luck and fertilisation for the coming year.

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Catalonia's traditions and costumes offer a window into the region's rich cultural heritage. Each festival and celebration is a testament to the community's spirit, creativity, and history. Whether it's the towering human castles, the fiery Correfocs, or the whimsical giants, these events bring people together, celebrating a shared identity and vibrant culture that continues to thrive and evolve.

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